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At Cali Law, we are known for our excellence in the field of estate planning. However, our legal team is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Thus, we also serve clients in a number of other areas of practice.

We offer legal services for matters involving:

    We offer free case consultations. Reach out to our Framingham attorney today at (508) 252-8186 for more information.

    Tax Preparation Services in Middlesex County & Other Nearby Areas

    Preparing an individual (personal) income tax return (Form 1040) can be quite confusing, especially if you have a number of different tax factors to consider, such as a 1099 form or deductions. At Cali Law, we understand that keeping all of your write-offs, exemptions, and credits straight can be difficult. Our Framingham tax preparation lawyer can assist you to ensure that your taxes are accurately and strategically prepared at a starting rate of $500. Individual tax return deadlines have been extended to July 15, 2020.

    Business Entity Formation

    Cali Law is happy to assist you with entity filings to create a Limited Liability Company ("LLC"), Limited Partnership ("LP"), or corporation. More people than ever before are choosing to use entities because they have become more beneficial to business owners. For one, the IRS has agreed to treat LLCs as pass-through entities and not subject them to the corporate tax. On top of that, people have become more concerned with the liability that comes with owning a business.

    Whether you own an active business or just own real estate that you lease out, you may want to consider using an entity of some kind, so that if you are sued, the plaintiff cannot come after your personal assets.

    Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

    Our Framingham attorney provides affordable prenuptial agreements ("prenups") for couples who are about to take the next step in their life by getting married—but who also want to stay in control of their individual and shared assets.

    Prenups are no longer just for the rich, nor are they just for people overly paranoid about getting divorced. Prenups are for any married couple who would rather decide for themselves what rules will govern their marriage rather than just assuming the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has provided the best plan for them.

    Marriage is the most complicated contract most Bay Staters will ever enter into, and more couples than ever are realizing that customizing that contract to their tastes is better for them. Prenups not only govern in the case of divorce but also throughout the marriage. More couples than ever are preferring to keep some, if not all, of their assets separate to minimize the possibility of conflict over monetary concerns. A prenup is a great way to enumerate such terms.

    To request more details about our services or to make an appointment, reach out to us at (508) 252-8186.

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