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A legal trust is a unique, versatile tool that acts as a separate entity. Trusts can help certain assets avoid the probate process, passing those assets to beneficiaries directly. Trusts allow you to create a plan that helps save money and directs exactly how and when the beneficiaries of your trusts will receive the property or assets.

If you are worried about losing your assets to taxes when you pass away, you can create and leave behind a trust for your loved ones. If you want to include stipulations on when beneficiaries can receive assets, a trust can allow you to add these specific requirements. If you have a special needs loved one, the right trust can help you pass assets to them without disqualifying them for needed benefits.

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While very important, planning an estate can be confusing without legal training. Retaining a trusts attorney to guide and assist you is in your best interest to ensure that your needs are covered. At Cali Law, we strive to educate our clients about their options so that they can make informed decisions for their families.

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Types of Trusts for Estate Planning

There are several common types of trusts that our firm can help you establish. Trusts generally fall into two categories: irrevocable, and revocable. Each trust type has its own unique benefits for protecting your assets in the long term.

Irrevocable Trusts vs. Revocable Living Trusts

  • Irrevocable trusts are put in place and cannot be terminated or changed without the beneficiary's permission. Therefore, the assets no longer belong to you as the grantor. These can be beneficial as this trust removes those assets from the taxable estate.
  • Revocable living trusts can be created while you are alive and changed as your wishes changed. Upon your death, assets will be transferred to the listed beneficiaries.

Specific trusts exist to serve your needs, such as retirement trusts. With a retirement trust, you can pass the money in your retirement fund through the trust to your beneficiaries. This type of trust serves to protect your retirement money from creditors. Retirement trusts also help eliminate many legal complications cause by minor children inheriting your IRA.

A few benefits of creating a trust include:

  • Reducing gift and estate taxes
  • Providing clear instructions for your wishes
  • Distributing assets efficiency
  • Protecting your assets

Including a trust in your estate plan can provide you the peace of mind that your assets are securely protected. Our team can provide the legal advice you need on what type of trust best serves your situation

To learn more about trusts or to request a free consultation, contact us at (508) 252-8186. .

The Benefits of Having a Living Trust

There are several benefits to having a living trust. Living trusts can help you effectively manage your estate, preserve your wealth, and secure assets for future generations. If you die without a living trust or will, the courts will be responsible for distributing your assets.

Living trusts allow you to identify how you would like your estate handled after your death. Through a living trust, you can specify beneficiaries you would like to inherit. This guidance is particularly valuable for your surviving relatives and descendants.

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Whether you're worried about funds being used improperly or you have specific wishes you need in writing, Cali Law is here to help. Let our Framingham estate planning attorney work with you to ensure every complicated factor is properly considered. You can rely on us to identify any goal, asset, and wish that you would like included in your trust.

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