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Cali Law does not do things halfway. When you get an estate plan from Cali Law, you get:

  • A living trust
  • Two wills
  • Two durable powers of attorney
  • Two healthcare proxies

We use advanced estate plan drafting software so that we can spend more time tailoring your plan to your needs, all while saving you money.

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Unlike most law firms that don't make prices clear or concrete, Cali Law charges according to the following:

  • Full estate planning package for a couple $1995
  • Full estate planning package for a single person $1595

  • Additional trust when purchased with estate plan $795

  • Standalone trust or will $995

For more information about our estate law services, book a free consultation by calling (508) 252-8186. We are based in Ashland and serve all of Middlesex County.

Drafting a Living Trust

A living trust is vital for any Bay Stater looking to protect their family after their death. It is currently estimated that the average probate in Massachusetts takes 1-2 years and costs more than 5% of your entire estate.

When you get an estate plan from Cali Law, we will draft a trust so your heirs avoid probate. We can also draft the living trust for maximum efficiency regarding both estate taxes and income taxes.

Drafting a Will in Middlesex County

In addition to the living trust, we will also write two wills. These act as a backup in case you leave anything out of your trust. If you have minor children, a will is also necessary so that you can choose your children's guardian after your death.

Establishing Powers of Attorney

We provide durable powers of attorney. If you are incapacitated, your chosen agent can act for you. They can pay your medical bills, pay your mortgage, and manage your investments.

Providing Healthcare Proxies

We also provide healthcare proxies so your agent can make important health decisions without having to go to court. These include:

  • When to continue life support
  • When to cease life support
  • Where to bury you
  • Whether to make organ donations

Contributing to Life Insurance

If you own or are considering purchasing life insurance, Cali Law would love to assist you. We can help in contributing such a policy to an irrevocable life insurance trust ("ILIT"). We can design this trust to prevent estate tax inclusion and to help your heirs save money.

Managing Medicaid Trusts

At Cali Law, we offer Medicaid trusts to protect your assets in case you end up in a long-term care facility. Long-term care is not only expensive but can completely deplete your nest egg. If you have worked hard all your life and want to leave assets to your children, consider a Medicaid trust.

Creating a Medicaid trust is not easy and requires a skilled practitioner to make sure that all rules are followed. At Cali Law, we take pride in our experience and knowledge on this subject.

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