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Many people who have children fail to think about guardianship matters early on, especially in the case of young families. However, at Cali Law, we believe that no parent is too young to start thinking about estate planning and establishing a guardian.

Working with a Framingham guardianship lawyer is in your best interest to ensure that the process is handled properly and that you choose a feasible guardian. If anything were to happen to you and your decision was deemed unlawful, the court may choose to alter your selection. Let us help you remain in control of what happens to your children under any circumstance.

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Choosing the Right Guardian for Your Child

There are several types of guardianships, depending on your circumstances and whether or not you've already included a guardian in your will. This includes limited guardianship, emergency guardianship, and successor guardianship. Typically, it is recommended that you choose someone close to you, such as a family member or long-term friend. Should you pass away without a named guardian, the court usually tries to do the same and choose a guardian who was a relative or close friend of you and your family.

A few factors to consider when you choose a guardian include:

  • Their moral beliefs
  • Their age and health
  • Their physical abilities
  • Their free time to care for a child

Take Steps to Appoint a Guardian for Your Child

Whether you have already begun the process, or you are interested in our advice in appointing a guardian for your children, Cali Law can help. In addition to assisting you with guardianship matters, our legal team can ensure that your will accurately reflects your future wishes. There are several different procedures and documents required for the guardianship process—having an experienced estate planning lawyer by your side is vital.

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