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As we age, certain tasks and elements of living independently become burdensome. Eventually, we may find a loved one simply unable to manage their personal finances. This is where conservatorship comes into play. Conservatorship allows a person to have their financial interests properly cared for when they can no longer do so for themselves.

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Types of Conservatorship

Massachusetts’ probate courts have complete jurisdiction regarding the appointment of conservators throughout the state. Conservators are the people who are appointed by a judge in probate court to properly manage the finances of a respondent.

Types of conservatorships include:

  • Voluntary conservatorship, where the respondent requests that the court appoints them a conservator without being required to prove their incapacity.
  • Involuntary conservatorship, where someone petitions on behalf of the respondent and the court decides the respondent needs assistance handling their money.
  • Conservator of the estate, who looks over and manages all finances, including income and bank accounts.

What Does a Conservatorship Attorney Help With?

As with any scenario that requires a court visit and judge ruling, the presence of a lawyer offers knowledge and experience that can be applied to grant you the outcome you want. An attorney can provide needed assistance in conservatorship by:

  • Assisting with voluntary and involuntary conservatorship petition preparation
  • Naming a conservator in advance in your estate plan
  • Representing the respondent or their loved ones petitioning on their behalf in court

Our attorneys have a familiarity and thorough understanding of conservatorship petitions and court hearings. We apply our professional experience to provide you with the appropriate consult and get you your desired results with ease.

Conservatorship or Power of Attorney

You may realize that the role of the conservator seems strikingly similar to that of a power of attorney. It is an astute and accurate observation. Still, some key differences remain.

By naming powers of attorney, you delegate people you trust to handle both your medical decisions and finances before you are incapacitated. The process does not go through probate court but is instead documented in an estate plan. A conservator is appointed through probate court when a person is decidedly incapacitated or voluntarily petitions and it only gives authority over finances, not healthcare matters.

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