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Many believe estate planning is only for the wealthy. However, regardless of the value of your assets, planning an estate is an important step to take as soon as possible.

At Cali Law, we understand that you have worked hard your whole life to provide for your family. After you pass away, estate taxes may be imposed on the assets and property that you hoped to leave behind for your loved ones. Fortunately, working with an estate tax attorney can help make some or all of your assets immune to taxation.

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Solutions to Lower or Avoid Estate Taxes

Our goal is to educate you about how your estate can be minimized by estate taxes and how to mitigate this. There are several tools we can use to maximize your estate, including creating an irrevocable trust and charitable gifting.

An irrevocable trust allows you to place funds or assets into a trust directed to a specific beneficiary. When distributed by a trustee, these assets are not subject to taxes.

Charitable gifting allows you to give your grandchildren or children yearly gifts without being taxed, so long as the gifts follow certain regulations.

Our firm can help you with a wide range of estate tax matters, including:

  • Establishing insurance trusts
  • Planning for passing on real estate
  • Planning for a family wealth transfer
  • Searching for ways to minimize estate tax liability
  • Assisting with personal legacy planning

    Contact an Estate Tax Attorney in Framingham

    At Cali Law, we assist individuals from all walks of life to address estate issues, including tax planning. Our estate tax lawyer is well-educated on all of the changes and nuances in estate tax law, which allows us to provide you with valuable tools.

    If you would like our assistance to protect your estate from the impact of taxes, you've come to the right place. Whether you already have an estate plan in place or are starting from scratch, Cali Law can help.

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