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Probate Attorney in Framingham

Guiding Clients Through the Probate Process

Probate is the legal process of validating a loved one’s will, if one exists. This process involves court-supervised administration of their estate. Throughout the probate process, the decedent's debts are resolved and their property is distributed to beneficiaries.

There are many reasons why you may need legal representation during probate proceedings. If you are the named executor in someone’s will, you are tasked with the proper administration of the estate. Likewise, you may be an heir or beneficiary who needs to contest the will or actions of the executor.

For the legal counsel you need to protect your interests during probate, turn to Cali Law for assistance. Attorney Joshua K. S. Cali is a respected Framingham probate Lawyer who can provide the legal advice and services clients need when they need them the most.

Probate is a difficult legal process that comes at an emotionally difficult time. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by probate. Seek legal representation that can ensure what’s important to you is protected at all times.

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Assistance for Executors & Representatives

You may be an executor named in someone else’s will or a personal representative of an estate appointed by the court. Either way, you have an important role placing you in charge of the administration of the deceased’s estate.

Some of the most important tasks you must complete include the following:

  • Filing a copy of the will with the local probate court
  • Notifying heirs and beneficiaries named in the will of the deceased’s passing
  • Notifying creditors, banks, and government agencies of the deceased’s passing
  • Establish a bank account for the estate
  • Locating and inventory all property and assets belonging to the estate
  • Paying debts and taxes owed by the deceased and/or their estate
  • Distributing all remaining property to beneficiaries as according to the deceased’s wishes

This is a mere glance of what’s involved with the overall probate process, which can take nine or more months to complete if there are no delays. There are, of course, many more tasks that an executor must perform that require a keen attention to detail. Our Framingham probate lawyer from Cali Law can guide you through the process.

Involved in a Probate Dispute?

There are a number of reasons why a dispute can arise during probate. Among the most common disagreements are those concerning the validity of the will or actions taken by the executor. If you need to take legal action or defend against someone else’s claims, Cali Law can help.

We can help clients fight when they suspect the will entered into probate court is invalid. Such may be the case if the will was improperly prepared, outright fraudulent, or signed by the deceased during a time when they may have lacked capacity to sign or were compelled to do so under duress. If you suspect any impropriety was involved in the creation of your loved one’s will, we can help you investigate and argue your position in court.

Our Framingham probate attorney can also represent parties with disputes concerning the actions of an executor or representative of an estate. Whether you are this individual or a beneficiary named in a will, it may be necessary to take legal action to protect your interests. Executors are fiduciaries who must manage the estate for the benefit of the beneficiaries – any suspected self-dealing or fraudulent behavior may give rise to a dispute.

Contact Us for Legal Assistance with Probate Matters

Cali Law is here to provide legal support to anyone involved in probate matters or a dispute. Our team is passionate about serving clients and providing them the support they need during difficult times. Rest assured that we have the experience and skill it takes to help you resolve any issues you may have.

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